"My entire class has
Tap-N-Glue®. Today we did our first art project with no glue puddles, no spills, and no messes to clean up. Thanks Again."

Thomasville, GA
"This is a great idea.
I wish that I had had them last year when glue was running like the bulls in Spain!"
--Kindergarten Teacher
Bacliff, TX
"Your caps are great!
/ 1st Grade Teacher
Seward, AK
"The Tap-N-Glue® caps
are worth their weight
in gold!"
--Kindergarten Teacher
Lanesboro, MA

"Your product is the best thing since
post-its. Your
Tap-N-Glue® is a dream come true."
--Kindergarten Teacher

"I love them and they are such a glue saver."
Burleson, TX
"I use Tap-N-Glue®
caps regularly.
I piloted them and our principal then ordered them for all kindergarten classes."

--Kindergarten Teacher
New Lenox, IL
"Your glue caps are a fabulous product! Thanks for saving us from the white pond mess."
-Kindergarten Teacher
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